Posters for sale!

Here they are, and they are for sale!!

Safari and Brown

Materials: Sanjet satin, 140g halfglossy

Size: 500×700 mm (19.7×27.5″)

Price: SEK 230 (shipping included) Only available in Sweden at the moment. (Frame not included)

Please contact me for further information! You can see my e-mail adress in the right corner.




































7 responses to “Posters for sale!”

  1. Linda Palm Simonsson says :

    Kan inte bestämma mig för vilken jag gillar bäst!

  2. Maria E. says :

    Den med mörk bakgrund är min favvis. verligen superfin! 🙂

  3. momoderne says :

    These are amazing! Please let me know when these will be available in US. Love your blog! You have great stuff!

  4. Hanne & Tobias says :

    Hanne and I love these prints. They would be great for retro wallpaper patterns!!
    …and thanks for the nice comment you left at our blog 🙂

  5. Lena says :

    You make me happy Hanne & Tobias!

  6. michelle says :

    such fantastic posters! i love them :). where are you selling them? i really like your blog too!

  7. Lena says :

    Hi Michelle! I’m selling. If you’re interested, please e-mail me for further information. Glad you liked them, and my blog! 🙂

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