Sleepy sunday.

During the christmas holiday my oldest son (9 years) wanted to learn how the sewing machine worked. I have low knowledge about that machine, but I didn’t tell him that… 

After 1,5 hour I’m the one who ask him for advice. You can see his work on the last picture. He is also the one who did the marble heart. Maybe he should have a blog as well… 

Take a loook at: Danish furniture and Sanna Annukka a great artist!

I couldn’t help my self trying out Poladroid. Once you get started… 



3 responses to “Sleepy sunday.”

  1. jessica says :

    Vilken begåvning!!! Fantastiskt.
    Är det Dunderklumpen som skymtar där under?

  2. Lena says :

    Jajjemen! Fyndade på Kupan. Påslakan OCH örngott. Hoppade över det bruna lakandet. Hittade ett John Blund örngott också. Ibland kan man bli glad.

  3. Maria E. says :

    Söta figurer sonen lyckats med! Sanna Annukkas grejer var ju skitfina. tack för tipset! 🙂

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