Working, raking, screaming, crying.

A spring storm has hit Öland. I hope all the leaves will blow away! Far away… I’m still working with a promotion for ME. So I just dropped in to say HI!

To my niece who’s 3 years today, and to my little sister who turned 30 yesterday I yell: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! See you soon.

And while I’m at it: To the birthday children Markus and Heléne; Have a great releaseparty on saturday! What’s with march?



2 responses to “Working, raking, screaming, crying.”

  1. Slivka says :

    Thank you so much, Lena dearest!

  2. jessica says :

    Där är du ju! Du kanske skall rita oss alla, som en liten serie. Om när vi bodde där borta på Strandvägen. Som i ett litet kollektiv. 🙂

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