Trip to the countryside.

Last friday me and a friend took a trip to see cows and tractors. We had our children with us. They love tractors. I love food. My friends mom had made this wonderful stew with moose and wild pig! What else can you eat when you’re visiting a farm? On our way home we stopped at a flea market. I found a lamp for my sons room and my son found theese… men. Which reminded me of village people.






3 responses to “Trip to the countryside.”

  1. jessica says :

    wow… sicken lyckad utflykt. 🙂

  2. Judie says :

    Very cool stuff – Ă€lskar lampan!

  3. Maria says :

    Fanns mĂ„nga fina smĂ„ loppisar pĂ„ Öland!

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