Party and parenting.

Being a parent of two wild boys you get tired… Before kids you could go on and party all night long, and the most important thing: you could be impulsive. If the neighbour invited you to a Black Sabbath night with a twist you said OK, even if you hated B.S (and wondered what the twist were all about)… because, what the heck, you could meet some very interesting people. With kids you get very picky regarding who you spend time with. Because you want quality. There’s no time for Black Sabbath when you loathe that kind of music. There’s no TIME! You’re to tired! TV and a silent glass of wine means so much more than headbanging through the night.

I’m a grown up. Yes, I am.

With a twist.


Translation: – Damn it! Com on in!   – Nah, got to get home. The babysitter might eat all the candy.


6 responses to “Party and parenting.”

  1. Annika says :

    Känner igen mig så väl… Herregud, vad extremt vuxen man blivit på ett par år, värsta förvandlingen!

  2. Helena says :

    You are sooo right!

  3. Ivo says :

    Sedan jag blev med ingift barn har jag varit på en (1) konsert, en (1) teaterföreställning och inget röjparty.

  4. Lena says :

    Ivo, vad ska vi göra åt det?

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