We went on a inspiration trip to Copenhagen. Well, I think it was more an escape from family life. Just for a moment, we were just Two. A married Two. On our OWN. It was magical; Lunch with a glass of WINE, a coffee that lasted for an hour and visits to art museums! We stayed at Hotel Fox, which I strongly recommend!  Our room was designed by Rinzen, which contained a tent! It was indeed a happy camping. Here are some of those moments:








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4 responses to “CPHN/Denmark”

  1. Maria E. says :

    Ser härligt ut med en riktig vuxenhelg! 🙂

  2. makiato says :

    Det låter väldigt mysigt!

  3. Mia says :

    Ja man behöver komma iväg ibland! Nya miljöer ger ny inspiration! Låter som om ni hade det bra. HÄRLIGT!

  4. Helena says :

    Åååå! Så underbart!!

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