Autumn leaves.

It always makes me sad when I see the tourists leave (even though I swear everytime I go to buy provisions because of the queues…), the beaches are now empty and you can walk in and out of the shops without problems…  (exactly WHAT is my problem here..?) The summer time passes way to quickly! But hey! Now we can light the fire, go outside when we WANT (not because the sun is shining and you HAVE to, otherwise you get an awfully bad conscience…) and we have an excuse to drink whiskey. Because it’s damned cold outside!




4 responses to “Autumn leaves.”

  1. Helena says :

    Du har så rätt!

  2. Inspirera Mera says :

    Vilken härlig inställning du har!
    Kram Sandra

  3. Inspirera mera says :

    Jag håller med! Är helt förälskad i planlösningen!
    Kram Sandra

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